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Bullying & Hate… “Think Before You Type”

Dr. Dhillon-Stevens was asked to contribute to the documentary “Think Before You Type” a three-part series documenting conversations with experts in the field of online bullying and hate.

The documentary was made in partnership with Ditch The Label, to shed light on the world of online bullying. Presented by Caitlin and Leah, two YouTube influencers who have experienced online hate.

If you have experienced online bullying of any kind and you need help please see Ditch The Label’s links below and reach out. If you feel you need one-to-one support please use our contact page.

Caitlin and Leah | Think Before You Type (Episode One)
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Caitlin and Leah | Think Before You Type (Episode Two)
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Caitlin and Leah | Think Before You Type (Episode Three)
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Ditch The Label Links:
Dr. Dhillon-Stevens will be running a live webinar dealing with anxiety in children - this event is aimed at Parents worried about children and young adults. July 8th 2023
Dr Harbrinder Dhillon-Stevens is a BPS Registered Chartered Psychologist, HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist, UKCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist (Adults), UKCP Registered Child Psychotherapist and HCPC Registered Child Art Psychotherapist.

Harbrinder has a private practice in Ascot, Berkshire and undertakes training, research, supervision and therapeutic work with children, young people, adults & families. She balances her clinical practice with academic teaching and is an expert witness in working with children and families in assessment and therapeutic treatment.

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