Dr. Dhillon-Stevens

Professional Clinical Supervision

All therapists are required to be in supervision. Supervision offers a supportive environment to explore therapists’ work with their clients and consider the personal development needs of the therapist. Supervision as well as supporting therapists, ensures safe and ethical practice towards clients. 

I am a course tutor on a Doctoral Programme for Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy and act as an Examiner for various doctoral programmes.
I offer a range of professional services for qualified Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Counselling Psychologists, Child Psychotherapists as well as individuals training in psychological therapies.  I offer individual and group supervision. 

Professional Services include:

  • Referral Service
  • Assessment Service
  • Supervision (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters and Doctoral levels)
  • Research supervision & Viva preparation
  • Case discussion groups (theory to practice)
  • Case study and dissertation preparation
  • Oral Exam (Viva) preparation
  • Mediation of conflicts (personal, professional and organisational)
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Mentoring & guidance for accreditation applications

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