Dr. Dhillon-Stevens

Public and Corporate Sector Services:

  • Consultancy
  • Training Courses & Workshops
  • Organisational Development Services
  • Policy design / formulation on equal opportunities, ethnic monitoring and anti-oppressive practice
  • Implementation of equal opportunity / anti-oppressive practice policies and procedures
  • Mentoring & coaching for personal and professional development issues
  • Independent reports
  • Consultation & Training for Schools


I also offer life coaching to recognise and revise repeated unhelpful patterns that individuals find impact on their relationships, themselves and their view of the world.
I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Distinction) from London South Bank University and have worked for many organisations.

Expert Witness Services:

I provide a professional and bespoke service to solicitors. My approach is one of collaboration and objectivity and my work is based on best clinical practice and up to date evidence. I welcome instructions from solicitors in the preparation of assessment reports, attendance at professionals meetings and expert witness services. If your inquiry is outside my area of expertise I can offer advice and recommend appropriate experienced chartered psychologists who can provide psychological opinions and therapy to best suit your needs.
To request a copy of my CV please use the Contact Form.

Expert Witness Assessment and Treatment:

Extensive experience within private & public proceedings and liaising with Psychiatrists and Psychologists.
Assessment & Treatment of parenting capacity within Care Proceedings
Parent-Infant Psychotherapy
Assessments of psychological profiles of family members, sibling attachments, violent relationships
“Trial of treatment” in cases of children within Care Proceedings. This includes: family therapy (co-working with systems therapist), couple therapy and facilitating contact
Assessment in private proceedings regarding contact & residence
Domestic Violence & Asian women and families
Family interventions & conflict resolution
Assessment of attachment styles of children to inform Care Proceedings
Assessment and treatment of infant-parent interactions/rebuilding secure attachment relationships
Individual therapy for parents/carers to reflect on their own issues/history and implications of this on current circumstances.
Viability Assessments of substitute carers within families
Viability Assessments of parents' capacity to make changes in order to care for children/engage in psychological treatment
Child Art Psychotherapy – individual and jointly with carers/parents

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